"The Galaxy Rose" - Braceletts
"The Galaxy Rose" - Braceletts
"The Galaxy Rose" - Braceletts
"The Galaxy Rose" - Braceletts
"The Galaxy Rose" - Braceletts
"The Galaxy Rose" - Braceletts
"The Galaxy Rose" - Braceletts
"The Galaxy Rose" - Braceletts
"The Galaxy Rose" - Braceletts
"The Galaxy Rose" - Braceletts
"The Galaxy Rose" - Braceletts
"The Galaxy Rose" - Braceletts
"The Galaxy Rose" - Braceletts
"The Galaxy Rose" - Braceletts
"The Galaxy Rose" - Braceletts
"The Galaxy Rose" - Braceletts

The Galaxy™️ Rose

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Show your special someone you love them to the ends of the galaxy with The Galaxy Rose! Our roses are delicately handmade using our simple process:

We precisely place iridescent petals and leaves onto our 24k gold-painted stems, creating an everlasting work of art!

Comes beautifully packaged and ready to go (Just wait until you see it for yourself)! 🌹🌌

✧ Material: our unique The Galaxy™ Rose is made using the finest gold foil leaves and polyethene with 24K gold plating.

✧ Variants: The Galaxy™ Rose comes in 2 variants: with a beautiful, gold plated stand, and without it. You can select the variant you prefer above.

Roses represent beauty, grace, and freedom. They also symbolize spirituality, feminine energy, childhood, and beauty in all its shapes and forms. 

✧ You're going to love this unique crystal rose as a gift for the special person in your life, or even just for yourself. 🍃 

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This is why we are one of the few top rated brands in our industry:

Outstanding quality of all jewelry from the Galaxy Collection!

✧ Only authentic (natural - not lab created) stones are used.

✧ Fast shipping (available), premium packaging, taxes and duties are included in the price.

Best prices: Fully online-based we have significantly less costs than traditional companies.

100% Secure Payments. We accept Paypal, all major credit cards, Google Pay, Amazon Pay and even Bitcoin!

Outstanding customer service. Happy customers are our biggest asset.

Thousands of 5 star reviews from all over the world.

✧ EU warehouse: Most orders are shipped from Europe (Spain) and USA

Hassle-free returns: Not happy? Easily exchange or return it for a refund.

Why us section braceletts

Our Cause

We paired up with 2 non-profit organisations and donate 10% of our monthly revenue towards cancer research, treatment and prevention as well as space exploration. [Learn more]Charities main banner Braceletts

Our Quality

Every piece is handmade and all materials are hand picked and meticulously quality controlled. We’re perfectionists when it comes to the quality of your jewelry.Hand holding Braceletts bag

Authentic, Natural Materials

All of our gemstones and diamonds are genuine. Everything we use is carefully hand selected and ethically sourced.Hand with a Wave Ring by Braceletts

Fair Price

Our jewelry is handcrafted by the same jewelers as luxury brands, but sold at a fraction of the price. We avoid traditional 10x mark-ups by being 100% online based and having a direct-to-consumer business model.Young model with a Galaxy Necklace and a Galaxy Bracelet by Braceletts

Our Vision

Is to make fine jewelry that inspires you to slow down and see the magic encompassing you everywhere accessible to everyone through radically affordable prices.The Astronaut Necklace by Braceletts with card and bag

Worldwide community

We have thousands of 5 star reviews all over the internet (Including our Instagram page - @braceletts.eu in the highlights section, as well as Trustpilot.com) and we continue advancing to become better every day!

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